The Art of Curation

Curating an ‘information vaccine’ for these times 📰 DJ Spooky

Episode Summary

A conversation with DJ Spooky about the meaning of the word "curation," turning data into art, how curating music is different from curating other forms of content, and more. Plus, a speed round of the writers, thinkers and artists he admires.

Episode Notes

“The Latin term 'cura' means ‘concern’ or ‘study’ or figuring out different approaches to pulling together things. It also relates to healing, which I find kind of amusing, that the term ‘cure’ and ‘curator’ are tangentially associated. Like you're healing by pulling together information.” — DJ Spooky

Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is the ultimate creator: he’s a composer, a DJ, a multimedia artist, an editor, an author, and the curator of one of Flipboard’s most interesting magazines, “Semantic Infiltration.” He’s completely immersed in environmental and social issues and creates art to press those issues into the public consciousness. He’s also Yale’s Artist in Residence this year. 

Paul seems to think deeply about everything — even his green tea selection! — and his intellectual and artistic curiosity have no bounds. His sources and references themselves create a canon for the avant-garde artist and those who want to be.

Highlights, inspiration and key learnings:

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