The Art of Curation

Sneakers are medicinal 👟Jasmine “Jixie” Gonzalez, Curvy Kicks

Episode Summary

Jixie Gonzalez isn’t just a sneaker curator with thousands of pairs. She is a historian with a deep love of hip-hop, a plus-size advocate, and an uplifting force for female sneakerheads.

Episode Notes

“Unlike the traditional definition of collecting, where you just accumulate, sneaker collecting is to accumulate and wear. The finality of collecting the art is to style it, to make it yours. For me, it's not just about the sneaker. It's about the whole fashion and the whole fit. It's about the whole piece that I'm putting out there while highlighting the shoe.” — Jixie Gonzalez, Curvy Kicks 

Sneakers. They’re everywhere! 

But for Jasmine “Jixie” Gonzalez, sneakers are more than just footwear. Not only is she the curator of a 30-year collection of over 1,000 kicks, she also describes sneakers as “medicinal.” As a plus-size woman who felt that “fashion never loved me back,” Jixie says sneakers became a language to exert her voice, express her style, and build an uplifting community of other women who love this kind of shoe. 

Jixie’s passion for sneakers and their transformative power is infectious. Highlights, inspiration and key learnings: 

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